success Formula

First, Call us.
  • First call

    1.  Evaluation

    We first need to know where you are.
    Unless we know the problem we cannot fix it.
    You will find yourself in one of several different areas and in this step we figure out not only where you are but where you need to go.

  • Formulation

    2. Deciding Direction

    We take what we learned from #1 above and formulate your specific action plan. No two situations are the same and we need to map out your action plan.

  • Execution

    3. Carrying out the Plan

    Your custom lesson plan may consist of both on site and off site training sessiona. Many times we visit over the phone, and in cases where you are a long distance out, we use our 24Meeting system to video conference.
    We can also work with you by you simply recording some footage of your swing, the issue you need solved, etc. on your smart phone and sending it to us.
    We then video conference with you by analyzing your swing and what to do.  (TeleGolf.)

  • Follow-up

    4. Follow-up and Review

    Throughout the process we both evaluate the progress and make adjustments on the fly.
    The biggest problem most golfers have is they take some lessons from their buddy, then some from a Local Professional, then another Professional and so on.  
    Check out the PGA Tour players. ALL of them have golf coaches and None hop from coach to coach.

  • Coaching

    5. Ongoing

    This all comes to having your own ongoing Golf Coach, just like the Pro's do, that is tailored to your situation.
    We work with you on an ongong basis and because we have worked with you over time we know what you are doing, when you start doing something wrong and How to fix it.
    Many of the top PGA Touring Pro's TAKE their coaches with them on tour. They wouldn't DREAM of being without their swing coach.


As a top ranked long driver for a quarter century and a member of the Long Drivers of America Hall of Fame, Bobby is someone that all competitors consider a threat. He's a true athlete. He's always a contender.

Yet there's much more to Bobby than his accolades as an elite Long Driver.

Bobby will tell you that his love for the sport of Long Drive pales in comparison to his love for his family. His commitment to family is his motivation to the be the best in his sport. Whether he's competing at the highest level, performing for charity fundraisers or corporate golf outings, his love for his wife and children fuels his desire to be the best. Spend and hour with Bobby and you'll experience laughter and comeradery that will last a lifetime. You will notice his love for God and His Son Christ Jesus.

Bobby Wilson is a man's man... a great father and husband.


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